another comic book masterpiece! After Eden is a delightful tale of love in all its glory and uncertainties.  Arre's mastery of the comic form as a medium to convey his stories adds a unique and refreshing twist to this one-of-a-kind opus. A must-have for all you love-struck romantics and comic book aficionados out there!


                                                -Taga-Ilog, Culture Crash



No tikbalangs or engkantos, no futuristic cityscapes or flying cars. But the absence of these trappings doesnt make Arnold Arres drama-comedy opus After Eden any less magical and enthralling.


                                                -Marco Dimaano, writer/artist, Angel Ace



Arre is back, this time with a pictorial soap opera for the overstaying `petty burgis youth who wont grow up just yet.


                                                -Paolo Manalo, literary editor of Philippines Free Press and UP

instructor of Writing Graphic Novels course



After Eden is a love story that involves six people, serendipitous weather disturbances, and the minions of heaven and hell. It is, by turns, strange, hilarious and heartbreaking -- a story that somehow manages to be complex and yet pure and simple at the same time. It is also the best thing Arnold Arre has done so far, and that's really saying something, considering that he's won National Book Awards for his previous works, The Mythology Class and Trip to Tagaytay. Arnold has truths to tell about love, friendship, loyalty and betrayal, and he tells them with an eloquence -- in words and pictures -- that is all his own.

-Luis Joaquin M. Katigbak, author of Happy Endings



What happens when seesaws and Sesame Street gives way to long talks over Starbucks cups and the complications of grown-up relationships? After Eden is a story of what happens after we shed innocence and step into the big, scary world. It's not easy for a man and a woman to find each other, much less keep the relationship alive. But Arre's story--told in simple but expressive lines, and in words that are variously tender and sharp--is ultimately a story of hope and belief in love. So it's mushy, yes. But you and I both know that we're all secretly cheering on the lovers in his story, because each of us is an Adam and an Eve, looking to find one another.

-Kristine D. Fonacier, editor, MTV Ink