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Arnold Arre: Comic book Author and Artist
Posted:6:35 AM (Manila Time) | Dec. 01, 2002
By Eline Santos
Inquirer News Service

This dude is the envy and object of admiration of many comics fans in the Philippines

"IT'S okay to play around. Write whatever you want," so encourages Arnold Arre, one of the talented, creative people we have to thank for some of the local comic book titles we enjoy today.

Arnold has written and illustrated two Manila Critics Circle Award-winning comic books ("Mythology Class" and "Trip to Tagaytay") and his latest creation, "After Eden," has recently hit the bookstores.

The 31-year-old artist was bitten by the bug when he borrowed his brother's comic books at the age of six.

"As a kid, when we see pictures and words, it's a different medium," he says. "Right after reading it, I wanted to do my own. Make my own stories, my own characters. That's how I got hooked."

And with his dream come true, he's been hooking everyone else with his stories.
"I've been getting a lot of letters to do a sequel to 'Mythology Class'," he relates, but Arnold hasn't decided yet what he's going to do next.

"Right now I'm taking a break," he laughs. After all, his recent project took four years in the making. "It's hard to write a love story," he admits.

"I observe people, observe situations. I get inspiration from everyday life."

Maybe that's why he was only able to finish "After Eden" when he had his real-life love and Tala Studios partner, Cynthia. He doesn't recommend "After Eden" for kids though. "It's more for adults," he says somewhat apologetically.

But why let that stop you from getting his autograph? Arnold will be at Powerbooks, Glorietta, 3 p.m. on Nov. 30, to end a book signing tour.

In sum, his advice to aspiring comic book makers is: "Keep your imagination going. Be original. Come up with your own style. Finally, enjoy what you do."
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