THE SPECIAL COLLECTED EDITION: All-new and enhanced pages, extra scenes, pin-ups and author's notes. 350 pages, black and white. Published by ANINO COMICS.


Stunning. Beautiful. Magical. These are only a few of the words I can describe one of the most remarkable works in Philippine comics in recent history. Such words I do not use lightly. In fact, I have never used them before and I never thought I'd use them at all, but
Arnold's work cannot be described any other way.
My undying gratitude goes to Arnold for employing his formidable skills in storytelling and art to a struggling industry. He is at the top of a handful of young creators singlehandedly saving Philippine comics. With Mythology Class revisited, renewed and reinvigorated, Arnold has created a work of art that I have no doubt will endure to entertain and inspire for generations to come. -- GERRY ALANGUILAN, writer/artist of WASTED, HUMANIS REX

I remember reading the original Mythology class part by part and just being blown away by Arnold Arre's stellar storytelling and explosive visuals. Six years after I've finally had the opportunity to read his masterpiece as a whole and am enthused to say that reading it in one sitting is even more breathtaking! Arnold has created a tapestry that not only shows a deft understanding of and respect for Pinoy folklore, he has told a story that is worthy of being added to our country's rich canon of stories. -- QUARK HENARES, writer/director of GAMITAN, KEKA

It's about time that the constant yearning, teasing, reminding, praying, threatening, animal sacrificing and voodoo spell casting by Arnold's many, many fans (myself included) has finally resulted in this dynamic return and rejuvenation of a much-beloved classic in local pop culture and graphic storytelling. Praise Bathala, indeed! -- MARCO DIMAANO, writer/artist of ANGEL ACE, KIA


This four-issue series is a landmark in itself: a comic book that combines Filipino myths and legends with modern humor, action and sensibility. The result is a quirky, enjoyable comic book series that is thoroughly modern and Filipino in its approach. Through his distinctive art and story, Arre imbues his young warriors with a spunk, spark, and whimsy that resonate with any reader. In The Mythology Class, Arre gives us a glimpse of all that a truly Filipino comic book, drawing on all our multifarious influences, can become, all with a confident and unique style all his own.

Arguably one of the best offerings in the local comic book world. It is the impact of (The Mythology Class) on the personal level that gets to me. For me, that is what this comic book does: it is a joy to read, and an affirmation that we don't have to look elsewhere for a good not-just-for-kids comics book. --Richard Ramos,

High marks for the 'The Mythology Class'! Instead of alluding to overused characters of Western lore, (Arnold Arre) draws from the deep wells of our very own Philippine mythology. --Natalia Diaz, Philippine Daily Inquirer,

There's a part of my mind that's more and more convinced that there are most definitely other worlds that exist along with ours. A dream world. A spirit world. A world of engkatos and magical beings. It is in this spirit that I've picked up "the Mythology Class". Arnold speaks as if he is talking of creatures and people he knows.--Karen Kunawicz, Mirror Magazine

What makes (Arnold Arre) different from his comic book contemporaries is (his) focus. In a genre populated by Western-style characters with supernatural powers who talk with a Brooklyn slang, Arre exercises his freedom of choice by making use of our homegrown myth and legends. If only for the audacity to weave GenX with the elements of Philippine myths and legends, the man and his work deserve significant notice. --Lourd Ernest de Veyra, FLY Magazine

The Mythology Class moves with the delicacy of a classic fantasy story... Arnold Arre has invited the myths to inhabit our contemporary, technologically burgeoning world. . .After reading the book, you, hopefully, won't cross the empty darkened spaces of our tropical land with the same whimsical ease. See you in class." --Karl de Mesa, The Manila Times,

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Published by ANINO COMICS, an imprint of ADARNA HOUSE.The Mythology Class is copyright Arnold Arre @1999. Special Collected Edition of the Mythology Class ©2005.


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Special Edition Myth Class is coming out in September 2005. Watch out for it!
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